Monday, April 5, 2010

forty days

Forty days without shopping!  Whew.  No trips to the new H&M.  No trips to the new American Apparel.  And worst of all... no trips to my favourite store, the F21 online shop.  Now that Easter's past and Lent is over, I think it's time for a little retail therapy!

Speaking of Easter, what were you guys up to?  We took advantage of the beautiful weather that we've been getting these past few days.  I organized an Easter egg hunt, had a small-ish picnic brunch with some friends (featuring crepes, red velvet and vanilla cupcakes, and some of the best homemade Skor bars I've ever tasted!) and enjoyed a delicious duck dinner with my family.  Overall, a lovely way to usher in the spring.

Fresh berries & crepes ♥
Caught red handed - our guest of honour was the lovely Mr. Squirrel, who made off with an Easter egg! 
Mmm.  Must. Have. Desserts.
Banana Mousse Cake with White Chocolate Genoise.  I don't understand the cake decorator's obsession with gooseberries?  They don't taste very good...
Ahhhh!  The strawberries are leaking!

Happy Easter - I hope each and everyone one of you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. such delicious food!

    lovelove, M.

  2. Oh boy, those look delicious!

  3. ohhh wow, can't believe you didn't go shopping for your fasting! congrats on making it, not sure i would have been successful!

    Bikinis & Passports

    p.s. the fabric of the necklace is suede, perfect guess :)

  4. the food looks so delicious.
    and hurray for retail therapy! works every time. haha. btw, that chiffon petal shirt is nice in person :) it's not too busy.


  6. haha dw I definetely will be going to Canada in the future, its right at the top of my list of things to do. Thanx for visiting my blog by the way xo :)

  7. congrats on 40 days!
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm all your desserts look so yummy!!!!

  8. wow, very good will-power you've got there not to shop for 40 days! love the cupcake pictures!

    xx raez