Saturday, May 22, 2010

ruffle some feathers

{1} Cappuccino Frill One Shoulder Dress
{2} Organza Circle Petal Dress
{3} Sequin Cluster Bandeau Dress
{4} Gathered Waist Culottes (not yet available)
{5} Statement Crochet And Lace Bib With Chain and Sequin Detail
{6} Egg Tassel Hardcase Bag
{7} BRODERIE Laser Cut Shoeboot
{8} Suede Multistrap Wedges (not yet available)
{9} BELLA Suede Peep Toe Shoe Boot

ASOS Black launched their newest collection earlier this week.  Sure, it's frilly, feathery and maybe downright fussy.  But there's something so fresh and ethereal that makes it perfect for summer.  (Sometimes I daydream about running slow-motion in a wheat field in one of these confections.)  You can see the rest of the collection here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

diy tutorial: feathered clutch

I didn't forget about the tutorial, I promise! It's just taken me a ridiculously long time to post it up. So here it is, in all its glory:

The Black Feathered Clutch (inspired by this beautiful ASOS bag)

What you'll need:

  • sacrificial clutch - ideally, it should have a seamed opening (you'll see why in a minute)
  • feathers
  • thread (should match the shade of your feathers)
  • sewing needle
  • optional: beads, sequins, other decorations

Step One:

Pick out feathers of similar lengths; the ones with a thicker shaft and a 'downy hair' appearance work the best (left)

Step Two:

Find an opening on the seamed portion of the clutch, and slip the shaft of the feather inside (don't force it, otherwise you'll ruin your feathers!)

Step Three:

Stitch feather shaft to clutch; reinforce by wrapping the thread around the shaft a few times.

And now you have the basics!  From here on, it just takes a little patience, good tunes to pass the time, and a tolerance for little feather bits floating around a one metre radius of your DIY project.  Best of luck! 

Let's fast-forward to the finished product...

Et voila!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

new city, new finds

Another long hiatus, I'm terribly sorry.  Between the new job and my night classes, I've barely had time for anything else =(

I've begun to explore Vancouver bit by bit, starting with the bakeries and beaches (as you can probably tell by these photos)...  I'm quickly falling in love with this city: the weather, the people, the laid-back style, and most importantly, the baked goods!  There seem to be bakeries popping up at a Starbucks-like speed.  Will cupcakes soon take over the city?! 

Spanish Banks is absolutely gorgeous this time of year...