Wednesday, April 28, 2010

...and we're back

I'm back from a long hiatus!  And I have lots to share.  Since most of my life revolves around making and completing lists (OCD much?!), I decided to share my news in list form:

1. I'm officially finished my third year of university!  Or as you Americans like to say, "junior year of college".  Only one more year to go!

2. I'm going about 3000 km west this summer - to beautiful British Columbia! I'll be working hard in Vancouver and hopefully getting a chance to take in all the gorgeous scenery.  I'm absolutely ecstatic to be spending the next four months there.  Does anyone know of any must-see places in Vancity?

3. I realized that we haven't yet had a formal introduction.  Hello, my name's Marie.  Nice to meet you!

  Yummy dessert for my lovely blog readers.  

4. Some baking adventures of late...

My Italian friend introduced me to Pizzelle cookies, and we spent all afternoon yesterday making these delicious wafers.  They're incredibly addictive.

Chocolate banana ice cream, anyone?

My fail-safe banana bread (actually, it's Food Network's fail-safe banana bread).  Love that you can have the batter mixed and ready in less than 20 minutes.  Then just pop it in the oven... and wait for the intoxicating aromas of cinnamon and banana to fill your home.  Far more efficient than any air freshener or candle. True story. 

All packed up and ready to go!

5. The feather clutch tutorial will be posted very soon, I promise.  And the Burberry-esque skirt is coming along... rather slowly, but it's coming!


  1. hey girl!
    the pizzelle cookies you made look gorgeous, and of course delicious! congratulations on finishing your junior year of college! i am currently working on finishing up mine.

    also-- thank you so much for giving me that little tutorial on how to unlink my pictures. i read through it once and it makes sense. just haven't tried it yet. i will soon though! thanks again.


  2. Holyyyyy. once I open up a restaurant (if med school fails me lol) then u are definitely going to be the pastry chef :)