Monday, March 22, 2010

birds of a feather flock together

DIYs always make for good study breaks. My studding (as witnessed here) has been put on hold until I can thrift a leather barrel bag and get my hands on a super-sized bag of rounded studs (I've got A. Wang's Rocco in mind). Right now, my DIYs have taken a detour into the land of our fair-feathered friends.

The ingredients? A package of feathers from the local Michaels and an old clutch in desperate need of a makeover. I'll put up a tutorial later in the week. But for now, I've got to clean up all the little feathery bits stuck in my bedroom carpet.

Who would have thought that this...

...could come from this?


  1. wow, that looks amazing. I can't believe you made that! Although I can imagine the feathers getting all ugly after using the bag, over time. I guess you can always take them off and redo it once that happens, right?
    Ahh, I love your projects, I wish I had enough motivation to do my own :$

  2. Wow! What a DIY Diva you are! Your updates are always so exciting, so "je ne sais quoi"! Loving all the projects, Marie. Can't wait 'til my birthday ;)

  3. wow, sweet! i love DIYs! yours came out great~

  4. cool idea, would look great with peacock feathers

  5. I love the purse! cute

    such a great post! love your blog : ) I'm a new follower. Please check out mine as well when you get a chance.

  6. @Shirley: Thanks darling! I plan on changing up the feather colours when these ones wear out. Though I hope it'll be a long while from now...

    @Cat: Don't worry, I'll be cooking up something very special for your birthday!

    @Katthroat: Aww, thank you. There will be many more DIYs to come, I promise.

    @Chloe: I was thinking the same thing! I think a return trip to the craft store is in order.

    @Jonesy: Thanks! That's a lovely blog you have there as well =)