Saturday, February 20, 2010

hey there, studs

A few days ago I sourced these studs at a sketchy little leather supplier at Queen and Augusta in downtown Toronto. I got really excited and sacrificed one of my tank tops for a little DIY project.

The sacrificial tank top (Pardon the chalk marks. I like to stay organized.)

I'm so pleased with the results that I've already started studding a pair of my black skinny jeans. And after that, I've a mind to bedazzle a black leather purse. Someone really needs to stop me before I stud everything that I own - I mean it.


  1. this is soo clever.. i love your diy stuff. I wish I was creative enough to think of these things

  2. lol pretty awesome. I think I can pull off a rhinestone jacket ;) haha but yeah seriously... pretty creative :D

  3. Hey!!! I like it :D You are very smart fashionable Marie :P I miss fashion since I arrive here I didn't do shopping that much... Let's go together! <3

  4. Great job! Can't wait to see how the jeans end up. I think studding a purse would be fantastic.

    Also, in reply to your question on my blog, I didn't use a pattern for my skirt. Just took some inspiration from a dress I already own and had to fiddle around a bit to work out how to make the pleats :)

  5. Studs make everything look edgier! I have a pair of studded shorts and they're pretty but BA!

    I love your DIY entries. I will be following~ :D