Saturday, February 27, 2010

desserted island

It was not a very productive week in terms of personal projects (read: I was unfortunately too busy with pesky midterms and papers), so I really have nothing to show you in terms of new DIY things or recipes. I have, however, amassed an absurd number of dessert pictures on my computer over the past few months.

So let's play deserted island. If I were ever on a "desserted" island (pun intended), I would take...

Pain au chocolat from my favourite bakery, Sabletine

Chocolate covered meringues (light and crispy with just a lick of chocolate, yum)

Quite possibly the most epic chocolate souffle known to man.
If I were going to die alone on an island somewhere,
I'd at least want my taste buds to be comforted by chocolate.

[ for How Stuff Works]

Go on. You know you want to.

Your turn. If you were trapped on an island, what three desserts would you take? (Keep in mind you will be eating these for the rest of your life... choose wisely!)


  1. strawberry cheesecake
    fruit salad - filipino style
    champorado (chocolate rice pudding)

    mmmmmmmmmm :)

  2. 1. honey crueller (spellling?) and krispy kreme donuts

    2. Sansrival cake - translates to "no rival." Recipe here:

    3. 10-pound cheesecake! Recipe here:

    Although I would change the cherry filling for blueberry.

  3. 1. red velvet cupcakes
    2. chocolate cheesecake
    3. strawberry shortcake

    + milk :)