Friday, June 25, 2010

clothing optional?

One thing I miss most about home is my sewing machine. As much as I would have loved to bring it with me from Ontario... something about carrying hulking 10 lb object on the plane with me just didn't seem practical.

It comes as no surprise then that my DIY projects have taken a seat on the back burner. That is, until last week when a friend of mine invited me to an "Anything But Clothes" themed party.   The idea was to create an outfit using some bizarre non-clothing object - post its, bubble wrap, shower curtains... I raided the dollar store in search of inspiration and cleaned out the racks of purple streamers (my apologies to anyone in desperate need of purple party decorations!)

A bit of ingenuity, some black thread and few hours of patient hand-stitching later, and I present to you the Waterfall Dress...

[the base ingredients]

[streamers arranged in tiers]

 [a sampling of our lovely outfits]

The Waterfall Dress - I am a walking pouf ball of party decorations.
*Psst.  Doesn't the purse look rather familiar?

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