Saturday, January 23, 2010

treasure hunting

Saturday morning was spent exploring the vintage stores in downtown Kitchener. Armed with an open mind, a bottle of water (gotta stay hydrated!) and my friend's impeccable sense of direction (better than a map, I swear), we ventured through the streets of Kitchener in search of some thrifted goodies.

Though I'm not quite the vintage veteran that my friend is, I scored a beautiful envelope clutch for the even more beautiful price of $3! But I do have to mention that Nadia walked away with more than I did, and paid less. I'm quite jealous.

A quick compilation of the stores we visited today:

Out of the Past
100 Queen Street South, Kitchener
The obligatory thrift-store incense smell hit me as soon as I walked in... never quite adapted to it the whole time I was shopping there. Interesting selection of clothing, thought not in the best condition. They were charging $12 for a bucket purse that was clearly ripping with a broken clasp. And a LOT of polyester... I felt like I was swimming in it.

Rockway Mennonite Thrift Store
137 King Street East, Kitchener
For a thrift store, I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the items they were selling. Fantastic variety of household goods - wine glasses, plates, teapots, and other trinkets - all at amazing prices.

In Orbit
213 King Street West, Kitchener
I've always passed by this store whenever I make my cupcake runs to The Cake Box, but I never felt compelled to go inside. It's actually a lot larger than I thought it would be, and it's filled with housewares, some interesting furniture (mostly chinoiserie that's way overpriced), and decent-sized record selection at the back of the store. The highlight of their stock is their beautiful collection of Jackie O-inspired dresses. But unless someone throws a 60's party in the near future, I don't think you'll be seeing me in those dresses anytime soon.

Patina Vintage Consignments
205 King Street South, Waterloo
Definitely saved the best for last! Walking into this tiny store was like walking into the closet of a stylish lady-who-lunches. Ethereal dresses, dainty beaded purses, stylish hats, colourful scarves... and I could go on and on. The clothing was in great condition and of great fabrication (silks! wools! mohair!) Fell in love with a beautiful silk skirt but it was about 10 sizes too big. I'll definitely be back again - especially since Sabletine, my new favourite bakery, is right next door!

Cute trinkets at Rockway Mennonite Thrift Store

Records at In Orbit

Mirror mirror on the wall... one day you shall be mine!

The prettiest scarves at Patina Vintage

I felt like we were raiding some fashionable old lady's closet

The great wall of purses (the picture doesn't do it justice)

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